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Floors done right, for the right price

With over 40 years experience, a family owned and operated company of experts that you can rely on.  There is no job too big or small.  

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Our Services Include

Hardwood Floors||Tile+Ceramic+Porcelain||Stone+Slate+Terrazo||Commercial VCT||Luxury Vinyl Plank||Linoleum||Engineered||Synthetic+Rubber+Marley||Heavy Build-Up Removal+Restorations||Scheduled Regular Maintenance||Power-washing||Deck Staining||Interior Painting||Light Carpentry||Odd Jobs

- Commonly Serviced Industries -

Medical Offices | Dentists | Animal Hospitals | Police and Fire Departments | Hair Salons | Office Buildings 

Apartment Complexes | Country Clubs | Churches | Car Dealerships | Music Venues

Restaurants and Bars | Community Centers | Schools and Daycares | Gyms.. and much more.

*All of these industries and services have been or still are our clients*

- Scope of Work -
  • Initial stripping of old wax and deep cleaning scrub to start off fresh - Get Clean!

  • 3 coats of 19%, 21%, or 23% solids high-quality acrylic sealer - solid % based on purpose and traffic density

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly thorough sweeping, then mopped with anti-slip cleaner and optional disinfectant  - no spray-buff here, we actually remove the dirt before burnishing

  • Lastly, high-speed burnishing to restore shine and further harden sealer, continuing protection - Stay Clean!


Getting ready for the holidays? Impress your family and leave nothing for your mother-in-law to nag you about! 

Holiday cleaning has the bonus of giving your floors extra protection for the winter

Spring cleaning! A winters worth of snow and the salt used to melt all that ice is no good for any type of floor, or your and your pets health. Get Clean!

Hardwood? We've been paste waxing wood for 45 years! The tried and true method to cleaning and protecting your wood floors. That being said, times are changing and not everyone wants petroleum-derived wax on their floors.


We are very proud to specialize in the application of an all natural, VOC-free, food-safe "miracle sealer" as I like to call it. Odie's Oil, it's eco-friendly, smells great - no fumes, no staying at a hotel for 5 days waiting for oil urethane to cure. Odies sinks into the microscopic pores of the wood and cures, as it cures it hardens, and it keeps hardening, protecting your floors unlike any other synthetic sealer can. It is often used as a stabilizer, to literally stabilize wood to keep it from cracking as it naturally expands and contracts!


Of course it can be used as a base sealer on freshly sanded wood, bringing out the best highlights and character of your wood floors, with no thick gym-floor-like layer of urethane. But best of all, it can be put right on top of whatever existing sealer your floors have, adding an amazing layer of waterproof and UV-ray proof protection.


So whether you are sanding your floors, installing new hardwood, or just need a good cleaning and extra protection, ask us about Odie's!

Get rid of the dirt and grime that gets ground in to your kitchen and bathroom tile crevices and grout, bring that color back. Say goodbye to black-stained socks just from walking around in your own home. Keep the pollen and dust from accumulating under the couch. Prevent moisture from gathering in porous surfaces giving mold and bacteria a perfect environment to thrive.

Clean Homes are Healthy Homes

Get Clean, Stay Clean!

 High Quality Materials 
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Affordable Prices
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