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Residential or commercial; wood, tile, stone, or vinyl - we can almost always restore it to "like new" condition! We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!
wood floor cleaning maintenance
Hardwood Floor Sanding/Sealing
Worn Area Repair+Blend
We specialize in:
Heavy Build-up Removal
+ Deep Clean
Stone & Grout Cleaning, Repair, Installation
- Commonly Serviced Industries -

Medical Offices | Dentists | Animal Hospitals | Police and Fire Departments | Hair Salons | Office Buildings 

Apartment Complexes | Country Clubs | Churches | Car Dealerships | Music Venues

Restaurants and Bars | Community Centers | Schools and Daycares | Gyms.. and much more.

*All of these industries and services have been or still are our clients*

- Scope of Work -
  • Initial stripping of old wax and deep cleaning scrub to start off fresh - Get Clean!

  • 3 coats of 19%, 21%, or 23% solids high-quality acrylic sealer - solid % based on purpose and traffic density

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly thorough sweeping, then mopped with anti-slip cleaner and optional disinfectant  - no spray-buff here, we actually remove the dirt before burnishing

  • Lastly, high-speed burnishing to restore shine and further harden sealer, continuing protection - Stay Clean!


We strive to keep our customers hard-surface floors clean and looking beautiful for years and generations to come. Year-round maintenance is key, whether it's done by us or done yourself -

get in touch today to work out a customized floor-care plan for your home.

wood floors, countertops, and more

We are committed to preserving the beauty of your hard-surface floors for generations with our year-round maintenance plans, tailored just for you. While we honor traditional paste waxing techniques for hardwoods, we also offer an innovative, eco-friendly solution—Odie's Oil. This natural, food-safe sealer delivers unparalleled protection without harsh fumes, curing within the wood to prevent cracking and enhance its natural beauty. Ideal for new installations or boosting existing floors with waterproof and UV-resistant qualities, Odie's Oil is our secret to keeping your floors immaculate and resilient. Contact us to revitalize your floors with Odie's Oil and say farewell to ingrained dirt, grime, and unsightly stains across all your flooring and other wood surfaces.

Everything else

All of our above listed services are available to homeowners, tenants, landlords, property managers, etc. - all at an affordable price, including:

VCT  // Terrazzo // Porcelain // Ceramic // Pre-finished Hardwood & Laminates // Marble & Granite // Power Washing // Deck Staining // Interior Painting & Light Carpentry // Odd Jobs

Clean Homes are Healthy Homes

Get Clean, Stay Clean!

we also offer

Estate, apartment, rental units, AirBnB and other clean-outs + painting

Carpet removal and disposal

Bulk removal

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